Thousands of workers across the U.S. would rather lose their jobs than be vaccinated | MPR News:

Across the country, employers are firing workers for refusing to comply with vaccine mandates. Some people are opting to quit their jobs rather than take the shot.

Good. If I show up to any job and refuse to use the safety equipment, they’re in their rights to show me to the door, and this is no different.

Southlake school leader tells teachers to balance Holocaust books with ‘opposing’ views:

SOUTHLAKE, Texas — A top administrator with the Carroll Independent School District in Southlake advised teachers last week that if they have a book about the Holocaust in their classroom, they should also offer students access to a book from an “opposing” perspective, according to an audio recording obtained by NBC News.

Gina Peddy, the Carroll school district’s executive director of curriculum and instruction, made the comment Friday afternoon during a training session on which books teachers can have in classroom libraries. The training came four days after the Carroll school board, responding to a parent’s complaint, voted to reprimand a fourth grade teacher who had kept an anti-racism book in her classroom.

Actual nazi behavior.

Vaping: FDA approves e-cigarette in US for first time – BBC News:

Explaining the FDA’s reasoning, Mitch Zeller, its director for tobacco products said: “The manufacturer’s data demonstrates its tobacco-flavoured products could benefit addicted adult smokers who switch to these products – either completely or with a significant reduction in cigarette consumption – by reducing their exposure to harmful chemicals.”

This is a surprisingly sane ruling so far. I would rather vape than smoke, and I know I have felt better heath-wise since switching.

Why saying “I don’t see race at all” just makes racism worse |:

In a way, color blindness makes the civil rights movement a victim of its own success: Legal segregation is over, so now it must be up to people of color to finish the work themselves. As Bonilla-Silva puts it, if racism is no longer actively limiting the lives of people of color, then their failure to achieve parity with whites in wealth, education, employment, and other areas must mean there is something wrong with them, not with the social systems that somehow always benefit white people the most.

Social scientists look to this question — whether you believe that racism is to blame for disparities or that Black people just need to work harder — to help them determine what they call racial resentment. And racial resentment, in turn, is a predictor of opposition to policies that would improve the economic security of millions.



The Habit of Adequacy – Accidentally in Code:

I was practicing the habit, whilst thinking about habits, and it was an aha moment for me. I was thinking about what it means to honor the word habit, and I realized: I honor the word habit not on the days when it’s easy, when I feel energetic, or inspired, or whatever. I honor the word habit on the days that it is hard, but I show up anyway. The habit serves me on the days when I doubt that I can, but I show up and give myself the opportunity to surprise myself. To have it be great even though my expectations are low.

The Forgotten Craft & Community of Ice Harvesting:

Ice Ball is a short documentary that follows legendary polar explorer Will Steger and the community that he’s built up around harvesting ice from frozen winter lakes near Ely in northern Minnesota.

The American Style of Quotation Mark Punctuation Makes No Sense:

When faced with this contrast, the proper reaction is to recoil in horror at the first approach, and to look approvingly on the second. In the sentence beginning with It is only …, the quotation is a part of the sentence, and the sentence contains the quoted word.

This is what gaslighting sounds like. – WIL WHEATON dot NET:

I am here to tell you that you are enough. That WE are enough. It’s not us. It was never us. It was always them.

Being the DRI of Your Career – Accidentally in Code:

What does it mean to be the DRI of your career? To me, 5 things:

Expect less from your job and more from your career.
Learn from feedback.
Own your professional development.
Distinguish what your employer rents versus what they buy.
Build your support system.