Covid: Europe risks new wave, WHO warns – BBC News:

Covid-19 infections have risen by 10% in a week in Europe after two months in decline and the risk of a new wave of cases is growing, says the World Health Organization.
Regional director Hans Kluge said the risk had been heightened by sluggish vaccine rollouts, new variants and increased social mixing.

When We Have Come to This Place: The Aliens Series as Cosmic Horror |

In cosmic horror, meanwhile, the villains (whom I am going to refer to as The Horrors, to distinguish them from other villains) are built on a vastly different scale along many possible axes. Often, they’re millions or billions of years old; they’re immune to weapons; they’re able to modify the laws of space and time; they have other powers that humans don’t have and can’t acquire; and they’re just generally so over-the-top Every Adjective In The Dictionary that humans often can’t even look at them (or think about them, depending on the story) without losing their grip on reality.