January 30, 2023

Thought – Apple’s approach to services/Siri is hybrid cloud… Empower devices, though smart software and hardware, to do what is possible local, and only reach out to the cloud when necessary.

Secret Service releases study on mass shootings: It’s economics, misogyny, and conspiracy theories:

The last two weeks have brought back the reminder that mass shootings in the United States continue unabated. In their wake, the Secret Service published a 60-page report on Wednesday that details the data they have about mass attacks. The study, conducted by the U.S. Secret Service’s National Threat Assessment Center, examines 173 mass shooting incidents that occurred between 2016 and 2020. Each attack included in the report resulted in at least “three or more individuals injured or killed across public or semi-public spaces, including businesses, schools, and houses of worship.”

First off – The fact that there were 173 incidents over 4 years should be a sign we have a problem.

Notable statistics/predictors:

  • 96% of the attackers studied were male, 3% were female, and 2% were transgender. (IE This is a dude thing)
  • 72% of attackers experienced some kind of financial stressor sometime prior to the attack.
  • Just under 20% of attackers had an “unstable housing” situation at the time of the attack.
  • While there was a large age range, the average age of an attacker was 34 years old.
  • 41% of attackers had a history of “engaging in at least one incident of domestic violence.”
  • Less than a quarter of those firearm attacks involved guns acquired illegally.

Demographics wise, the breakdown pretty much represents the racial diversity of the nation: (IE Dude problem not a race problem)

  • 57% of attackers were white.
  • 34% of attackers were Black.
  • 11% of attackers were Hispanic.
  • 4% of attackers were Asian.
  • 1% of attackers were American Indian.

Remembering Challenger

January 28, 2023

Remembering Challenger:

37 years ago today, I watched this happen in real time while my class crammed in around a tiny TV. For all intents and purposes it was the end of an era of NASA, and the death of an innocent dream of space exploration for me.

Supreme Court failed to disclose that guy who signed off on leak report is on their payroll:

CNN reports that the court has “longstanding financial ties” with former Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, who Chief Justice John Roberts tapped to endorse the leak investigation that found no leaker and let the justices and their spouses off the hook. Chertoff has a contract with the court for security consultations that has “reached at least $1 million.”

The Enshittification Lifecycle of Online Platforms:

The Amazon example he uses is really easy to follow. Early in the company’s history, the site used to be a great place to shop; their customers loved Amazon. But then Amazon’s sellers became their real customers and the user experience started to suffer. And now, much of the value generated by the users and customers goes to the shareholders (which, functionally speaking these days, means several dozen people who run hedge funds or large investment funds).

YouTube Speedrunner Becomes Full-Blown Fascist In Record Time:

According to reports, the speedrun, which took only three minutes and four seconds, began when Flannery opened the video-streaming platform, watched a neutral, 10-second news clip, and then immediately clicked through over 80 pieces of algorithm-suggested content made by various extremist influencers, many with titles like “The Truth About Grooming,” “Why The Aryan Bloodline Matters,” and “The Dangers Of Female Consent.”

Behind the scenes of Durham investigation reveals special counsel engaged in serious abuse of power:

As the end of 2022 approached, it became clear that all Durham had really done was vindicate everything about the original Russia investigation. That shouldn’t be surprising, since the parallel report put together by a Republican-led Senate Intelligence Committee determined that there had been more than 100 contacts between Trump’s team and Russian agents, that Trump’s team had actively sought more assistance from Russia, and that the close association of members of Trump’s campaign with Russian agents represented a threat to the United States. The reason the Russia investigation found connections between Trump and Russia was simple enough — there were connections between Trump and Russia.

Ending Suspension of Trump’s Accounts With New Guardrails to Deter Repeat Offenses | Meta:

The suspension was an extraordinary decision taken in extraordinary circumstances. The normal state of affairs is that the public should be able to hear from a former President of the United States, and a declared candidate for that office again, on our platforms. Now that the time period of the suspension has elapsed, the question is not whether we choose to reinstate Mr. Trump’s accounts, but whether there remain such extraordinary circumstances that extending the suspension beyond the original two-year period is justified.

The normal state of affairs is that presidents don’t attempt coups, traitors who violate their oath of office get arrested and are barred from being re-elected. There’s nothing normal about lord dampnut, and giving him a voice or any kind of attention other than illuminating his crimes is a problem.

From the via

So no matter what Trump does, the longest they’ll suspend him is another two years? This is whistling past the graveyard. Trump wasn’t suspended because he posted something, say, racist or untruthful or hateful. It’s not about Trump and his supporters being on the political right. The man tried to overthrow the democratically elected government of the United States while serving as President of the United States. He still insists he was correct to do so, and quite obviously intends to try again. If there were only one person in the world suspended from Facebook’s platforms, it should be Donald Trump. No one is more dangerous. No one is more deserving of being outcast as a pariah.

Mass shootings and America’s unique gun violence problem, explained – Vox:

No other high-income country has suffered such a high death toll from gun violence. Every day, more than 110 Americans die at the end of a gun, including suicides and homicides, an average of 40,620 per year. Since 2009, there has been an annual average of 19 shootings in which at least four people are killed. The US gun homicide rate is as much as 26 times that of other high-income countries; its gun suicide rate is nearly 12 times higher.

Technically this is only the second worst thing the GOP has done to us as far as deaths in recent years, with 500 people a day still dying from COVID.

The Availability of Guns and Books in America: