Andy To’s gorgeous 4K iPhone 13 Pro video shot in Mexico City:

This is some breathtaking footage. Make sure you watch in full screen, at the highest resolution your setup will support.

2021 Photomicrography Competition | Nikon’s Small World:

Macro-photography, at it’s best, reveals the alien landscapes right in front of our eyes in enlightening ways… Every one of the winners here does exactly that.

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The right to bear arms!

September 2, 2021

The right to bear arms!:
Just look at those guns. This is certainly what the founding fathers intended.

Miniature Life

August 19, 2021

Miniature Life:

This is hard-core relevant to my interests.

A Drone’s View of the Great Pyramid of Giza:

Alexander Ladanivskyy recently photographed the Great Pyramid at Giza from an unusual vantage point: straight overhead with a drone. The final photo in the series is so close-up that you can see the graffiti on the stones at the tip of the pyramid. (via colossal)

Dorset photographer shoots Star Wars Lego in cinematic style – BBC News:

Not content with merely building his Star Wars Lego kits, photographer Daniel Sands has found another use for his collection.
The 34-year-old Dorset photographer tested his creativity during lockdown by putting his models into the action of the movie universe.

Minimalist Creative Funny Photography:

jwz: The Light Herder

July 28, 2021

jwz: The Light Herder:

All the images in this video are created by video feedback only – no computers are involved. The upper and lower monitors both display the same thing – the image from the camera, which is looking at the upper monitor. This creates a video feedback loop (much like a microphone next to a speaker creates an audio feedback loop).

IPPAWARDS | iPhone Photography Awards:

Retro Modern Movie Posters:

Check out these retro modern movie posters from Patrick Concepcion; the Groundhog Day one is simple perfection. You can check out Concepcion’s work on his website and Instagram or buy prints on Etsy.