If Alejandro Jodorowsky filmed a Tron sequel:

Easily my favorite use of AI image generators yet: Jodo Tron. Outstanding work by Johnny Darrell, which should wake up anyone, like me, that tends to downplay the impact of the technology. (Though note that to animate and film this credibly, you would have to have humans painstakingly recreate every detail as costumes, sets and 3D models)

It’s too bad this is on Facebook, I’d be intritgued to see the rest of the set.

Daring Fireball: Report: Amazon Alexa Is a ‘Colossal Failure’ on Pace to Lose $10 Billion This Year:

The thing about Siri is that it was always at heart about making Apple’s platforms more accessible. Siri is there to make iPhones, iPads, Macs, Apple TVs, Apple Watches, and even AirPods better. And Apple isn’t losing money on any of those. Siri will serve the same purpose on future platforms from Apple, too. Apple’s investments in Siri are part and parcel investments in their OS strategy for everything they make.

Study Finds That Female Octopuses Intentionally Throw Debris at Males Who Harass Them:

Scientists have discovered that female octopuses will deliberately hurl shells and other debris at males they feel are harassing them.

(351) Disney Classic Voice Actors | Behind the Scenes | Side By Side Comparison | Compilation (1928-1977) – YouTube:

In Honor of the 99th anniversary of the Walt Disney Studios, I have made a mega compilation of all the voice actors behind the characters up until their 54th anniversary. Or at least the ones I could find footage of.

via: Laughing Squid

Elon Musk uses Twitter to tell Independents: “Vote for a Republican” | Boing Boing:

There’s no way to spin this except that Twitter is now in its darkest timeline. Apologists about the purchase can have their own circle in hell.