Huge selection of roleplaying miniatures available for free download, including Falkor and a bear with sharks for hands / Boing Boing:

Steam Remote Play Together will let you play local multiplayer games online with pals who aren’t, y’know, local. You can try it in a beta today.
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A message on a new Wastelanders release date, private servers, updates to the Atomic Shop and much more.
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This is the update I’ve been waiting for – private worlds.

2,500 More MS-DOS Games Playable at the Archive | Internet Archive Blogs:

I’m a little surprised at how many of these I did at least touch, at some point… But even among those, very few I ever finished.

Arkham Nights 2019

October 17, 2019

This past weekend was the Fantasy Flight Games Arkham Nights event for 2019…

This was my 3rd year helping out there, and it’s one of my favorite events I participate in all year… Several nights of helping players learn and play the Lovecraft themed Arkham Files games: Arkham Horror LCG, Arkham Horror, Elder Sign, etc. This year I was helping run larger event specific games, which was a joy across the board.

Seeing the designers/developers getting to interact with fans is awesome, and nearly everyone involved is so happy to be there… Love it.

Mansions of Madness

October 17, 2019

Somehow in years of playing the Arkham Files games I’ve never tried Mansions until tonight… I’m glad I finally did though. The “app enhanced” tabletop experience seems to be very hit or miss, but FFG really has it nailed with this genre… Narration, AI for monsters, puzzles which would be all but impossible without it… Mansions is a richer experience for it.