Infinity (noun) – The Oatmeal:


February 20, 2022


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Chorded Keyboard

February 19, 2022

Chorded Keyboard:

And even though it all went wrong / I'll stand before the lord of song / with nothing on my tongue but 'I don't understand, I swear I backed up my keyboard config before messing with it'

Penny Arcade – Comic – Certainty:

This actually sums up the whole of NFTs pretty well.

Horton the Justice hatches an egg | Boing Boing:

Penny Arcade – Comic – The K Word:

The only thing I ever think of when I hear Kinect is a horror movie, and frankly that suits me just fine.

Why it breaks your brain to take a compliment – The Oatmeal:

Lea Thompson wants to direct a ‘Howard the Duck’ reboot | Boing Boing:

And fans seem to agree with her on that notion. When Thompson tweeted on the afternoon of July 8, “I see #HowardTheDuck is trending #3. That’s awesome. I love my duck #WhatIf I get to direct @Marvel reboot,” the post received nearly 8,000 likes and a slew of hopeful comments.

I would fully support a Howard the Duck/Spider Ham crossover.

Reaching people on the internet in 2021 – The Oatmeal:

Everything has been downhill from here…

More seriously – If you don’t follow The Oatmeal one way or another, you really should. They still have an RSS feed, and now email subscription… For those of us that resist the Facebook.