USBefuddled: Untangling the Rat’s Nest of USB-C Standards and Cables – TidBITS:

USB-C was supposed to be the last cable you would ever need. It hasn’t worked out that way.

THX Deep Note – Our legendary sound:

Timothy Leary interview from Folsom prison | Boing Boing:

With society moving closer to prioritizing mental health instead of stigmatizing it, it’s no coincidence that alternative treatments such as psilocybin are getting a second look. Gee, if only someone with, I don’t know, let’s say a doctorate in neuroscience could’ve mentioned the effectiveness of psychedelic drugs decades ago.

Watching Dr. Timothy Leary’s interview from prison is surreal for several reasons. The least of which is that Nena von Schlebügge, the woman at the beginning of the video, would eventually become Uma Thruman’s mother. Leary crackles with humor and verve as he rattles off a slew of prescient visions that reflect modern attitudes on drugs at the clinical level.

Stripped of the era’s hysteria, Leary appears less like a lunatic and more like a man who’s in on a hilarious cosmic joke. Even if you’ve seen the video before, it’s worth another viewing. Who knows what else Leary might be predicting from the past?

I’ve read a bit of Leary’s writings, along with Robert Anton Wilson’s non-fiction that interacts with him… He was so far ahead of his time early on, before the drug war radicalized him.

Orgdown – the Interesting Feedback Phase so Far:

The reddit posting was a different thing altogether. The feedback was bad to very bad with only a few positive bits here or there. There was no discussion on the idea at all, just the topic on the choice of the name. When I got heated and wrote that I’d probably prefer to take the project offline, somebody wrote:

This is why we can’t have nice things. The FOSS community tends towards toxic at times, and that can drown out anyone trying to add new things…

Tiny Emulators

December 5, 2021

Tiny Emulators:

A huge variety of tiny emulators for vintage systems to run right from your browser.

Parents arrested after son charged in Michigan school shooting | MPR News:

School officials became concerned about the younger Crumbley on Monday, a day before the shooting, when a teacher saw him searching for ammunition on his phone, McDonald said.

Jennifer Crumbley was contacted and subsequently told her son in a text message: “Lol. I’m not mad at you. You have to learn not to get caught,” according to the prosecutor.

Radicalized by his parents and their gunbunny culture.

How This All Happened · Collaborative Fund:

If you fell asleep in 1945 and woke up in 2018 you would not recognize the world around you. The amount of growth that took place during that period is virtually unprecedented. If you learned that there have been no nuclear attacks since 1945, you’d be shocked. If you saw the level of wealth in New York and San Francisco, you’d be shocked. If you compared it to the poverty of Detroit, you’d be shocked. If you saw the price of homes, college tuition, and health care, you’d be shocked. Our politics would blow your mind. And if you tried to think of a reasonable narrative of how it all happened, my guess is you’d be totally wrong. Because it isn’t intuitive, and it wasn’t foreseeable 73 years ago.

Omicron: Biden to unveil new Covid-19 winter measures – BBC News:

The US has confirmed a second case of the Omicron coronavirus variant as President Joe Biden was due to unveil new measures to deal with the virus.
A Minnesota resident was found to have the variant after attending a convention in New York, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said

Not the reason I want MN to be in international news…

5 Signs It’s Time to Quit Your Job – Accidentally in Code:

By now, we’ve all heard of the great resignation. Over the past 18 months or so, many people have had more time to think about what they want from their jobs, and the kind of conditions they are willing to accept.

Of course, the great resignation often glosses over the number of people who died (like “essential workers” who are still somehow not essential enough to merit a living wage) or who were too burnt out to keep going (like healthcare professionals). For knowledge workers, this conversation has often been about perceived entitlement, such as those who don’t want to return to the office.

Regardless, your current job is just a moment in your overall career, and it’s worth thinking critically about whether it’s serving your longer term career goals. So, here are five reasons why you might want to think about quitting.

Hayao Miyazaki Prepares to Cast One Last Spell – The New York Times:

No artist has explored the contradictions of humanity as sympathetically and critically as the Japanese animation legend. Now, at 80, he’s coming out of retirement with another movie.

Hopefully not paywalled when you visit, a long-form interview summary on Miyazak’s body of work, including what’s to come.