US Constitution for sale | Boing Boing:

A first printing of the United States Constitution is headed to auction in November. It’s one of just eleven known copies of the 500 printed for the Constitutional Convention and Continental Congress back in 1787, and the only one still privately-owned.

It’s probably good that Lord Dampnut is functionally broke, or we’d be seeing this show up on Faux News with a bunch of new ammendments in sharpie that suddenly prove he actually won.

I did a spit-take on the title, as it’s true in too many ways…

The Forgotten Craft & Community of Ice Harvesting:

Ice Ball is a short documentary that follows legendary polar explorer Will Steger and the community that he’s built up around harvesting ice from frozen winter lakes near Ely in northern Minnesota.

David Lynch’s Dune Kept Science Fiction Cinema Strange |

Lynch might not be a science fiction scholar. But Lynch understood the mystic and strange side of Herbert’s creation, and of so much brilliant science fiction literature that gets scrubbed on its way to a film adaptation. So yes, Lynch’s Dune is a mess with many flaws. But science fiction cinema would be a poorer place without it.

A talk show host on why rich republicans want us to hate the word “antifa” in witty video | Boing Boing:

While Republicans have turned “antifa” into a dirty word, with such success that most on the left won’t go near it, the San Francisco KGO commentator does the opposite, embracing it with gusto. He reminds us what fascists are (when the rich sector of a party “changes the law, making it impossible for you to vote”), then points to the poor sector of the same party: “Now these Republicans, I don’t know what the fuck they’re thinking.” This group, he explains, are bamboozled by the anti-anti-fascist movement of the right to their own demise.”

9 Surprisingly Accurate Hard Sci-Fi Movies That You Can Stream Tonight:

But where some sci-fi is more ‘fi’ than ‘sci’, hard science fiction is grounded in scientific realism. These are nine of our favorite hard sci-fi movies that you can stream right now, each of which marries compelling stories with fascinating details and accurate information.

Andy To’s gorgeous 4K iPhone 13 Pro video shot in Mexico City:

This is some breathtaking footage. Make sure you watch in full screen, at the highest resolution your setup will support.

The American Style of Quotation Mark Punctuation Makes No Sense:

When faced with this contrast, the proper reaction is to recoil in horror at the first approach, and to look approvingly on the second. In the sentence beginning with It is only …, the quotation is a part of the sentence, and the sentence contains the quoted word.

This is what gaslighting sounds like. – WIL WHEATON dot NET:

I am here to tell you that you are enough. That WE are enough. It’s not us. It was never us. It was always them.

The Way of Emacs

September 22, 2021

The Way of Emacs:

In my desire to use org-mode, I got sucked into the abyss and have come out a believer.

I was an emacs user before I found org-mode, but it has become my go-to means of quickly managing thoughts, notes, numbers or anything else across all my devices on way or another, and in plain-text that can be reused across myriad other tools with minimal friction.

My dream is finding a way to use org-mode in any text-field in macOS, iOS, and iPadOS so I can leverage the power with all the other secret sauce the Apple ecosystem adds.

The Pointer Sisters sang Sesame Street’s funky pinball counting song | Boing Boing:

How am I just finding out that it was *The Pointer Sisters* that sang the vocals for the pinball counting song on Sesame Street?! I’m shook! [Someone please revoke my Gen-X card, thank you.] I also just learned that the “Pinball Number Count” (its proper name) has 11 different animated segments. And that number one was skipped, it goes right into two through 12.

A link from the song’s Wikipedia page led me to even more info. The following is a letter written in 2003 by Walter Kraemer, the song’s composer and producer: