If Alejandro Jodorowsky filmed a Tron sequel:

Easily my favorite use of AI image generators yet: Jodo Tron. Outstanding work by Johnny Darrell, which should wake up anyone, like me, that tends to downplay the impact of the technology. (Though note that to animate and film this credibly, you would have to have humans painstakingly recreate every detail as costumes, sets and 3D models)

It’s too bad this is on Facebook, I’d be intritgued to see the rest of the set.

Daring Fireball: Report: Amazon Alexa Is a ‘Colossal Failure’ on Pace to Lose $10 Billion This Year:

The thing about Siri is that it was always at heart about making Apple’s platforms more accessible. Siri is there to make iPhones, iPads, Macs, Apple TVs, Apple Watches, and even AirPods better. And Apple isn’t losing money on any of those. Siri will serve the same purpose on future platforms from Apple, too. Apple’s investments in Siri are part and parcel investments in their OS strategy for everything they make.

Study Finds That Female Octopuses Intentionally Throw Debris at Males Who Harass Them:

Scientists have discovered that female octopuses will deliberately hurl shells and other debris at males they feel are harassing them.

(351) Disney Classic Voice Actors | Behind the Scenes | Side By Side Comparison | Compilation (1928-1977) – YouTube:

In Honor of the 99th anniversary of the Walt Disney Studios, I have made a mega compilation of all the voice actors behind the characters up until their 54th anniversary. Or at least the ones I could find footage of.

via: Laughing Squid

Elon Musk uses Twitter to tell Independents: “Vote for a Republican” | Boing Boing:

There’s no way to spin this except that Twitter is now in its darkest timeline. Apologists about the purchase can have their own circle in hell.

Amazon’s PAC is now backing Republicans who voted to nullify Trump’s election loss:

After top leaders of the Republican Party aided and abetted an actual damn coup in 2021, mostly by promoting hoax claims meant to discredit the election and justify Republican efforts to nullify its results, a number of United States corporations announced that they would no longer support lawmakers who participated in the effort.

This was because a good number of U.S. corporations did not want to be seen as backing the overthrow of U.S. democracy. Our corporate betters are fine when it comes to backing politicians that support pretty much any vile act you can name, whether it be political corruption, prisoner torture, or the slow destruction of the planet’s oceans, lands, and atmosphere, but supporting the violent overthrow of American government was a bit too on-the-nose for any company that depends on the wider public to buy their products. We finally found where the line was drawn: You’re not allowed to participate in an attempt to overthrow the government.

Except you are, because the corporate promises to not back lawmakers who engaged in a scheme to undermine democracy lasted (checks notes) zero election cycles. That’s right, zero.

The online buy-everything company Amazon, under the control of billionaire Jeff Bezos, was one of those companies that promised to cut support for lawmakers who voted to override the voting results of the 2020 presidential election. Judd Legum of Popular Information now reports that Amazon quietly resumed donations to those same lawmakers as of last September. Amazon’s PAC donated $17,500 to nine House Republicans who voted to overturn the election results in September, even though none of those Republicans have expressed remorse for their votes or for promoting the hoax election claims that they used to justify their votes.

Lawyer in Florida who fought against helmet laws killed on motorcycle while not wearing a helmet | Boing Boing:

The most shadenfraude form of FAFO.

jwz: The Terrible New Normal:

Because there is basically no chance that things are going to materially improve any time in the next 2, 3 years, or maybe ever. There comes a time when “I’m just waiting for things to get better” is self-delusion. Because they aren’t going to get better. This is the new normal. Forever.

jwz: Ignaz Semmelweis

October 20, 2022

jwz: Ignaz Semmelweis:

The doctor who discovered that hand-washing saved lives, especially in obstetrics care, was ridiculed and discredited, and it looks 30 years from that discovery before it was really accepted as maybe a good idea.

jwz: Trump Betrayed by His Diet Coke Valet:

When FBI agents first interviewed Nauta, he denied any role in moving boxes or sensitive documents, the people familiar with the situation said in interviews before Nauta’s name became public. But as investigators gathered more evidence, they questioned him a second time and he told a starkly different story — that Trump instructed him to move the boxes, these people said.

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