The Way of Emacs

September 22, 2021

The Way of Emacs:

In my desire to use org-mode, I got sucked into the abyss and have come out a believer.

I was an emacs user before I found org-mode, but it has become my go-to means of quickly managing thoughts, notes, numbers or anything else across all my devices on way or another, and in plain-text that can be reused across myriad other tools with minimal friction.

My dream is finding a way to use org-mode in any text-field in macOS, iOS, and iPadOS so I can leverage the power with all the other secret sauce the Apple ecosystem adds.

Alex Schroeder: 2021-07-01 How to make conversation:

Anyway. All of this to say that we need to imagine positive outcomes for the things we say. It’s a bit like chess. There’s a thing somebody said. There’s the thought we’re holding in our mind. We’re ready to give that reply. Now, quick: imagine how the other person is going to react. Is this going to turn into an interesting conversation? If not, I’m already bored. Talk to somebody else. At the very least, ask a question. If you’re going to produce insults, or implied insults, or trying to score points on technicalities, I’m not interested. Learn about interacting with people, first.

Emacs: smarter search and replace:

While I rarely need to apply additional logic when replacing matches, it’s nice to know we have options available in our Emacs toolbox. This prompted me to check out replace-regexp’s documentation (via M-x describe-function or my favorite M-x helpful-callable). There’s lots in there. Go check its docs out. You may be pleasantly surprised by all the featured packed under this humble function.