Daring Fireball: The New York Times’s Hypocrisy on Ad Tracking and Privacy
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Anti-Impeachment Democrat To Switch Party; Dispute Could Upend Democratic Debate — The NPR Politics Podcast — Overcast
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Jeff Van Drew – Pro-gun, anti-choice, anti-climate… How was he a dem anyways?

For a closed system, those kinds of open connections are deeply dangerous. If anyone on Instagram can just link to any old store on the web, how can Instagram — meaning Facebook, Instagram’s increasingly-overbearing owner — tightly control commerce on its platform?
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(11) TRENT REZNOR & ATTICUS ROSS – LIFE ON MARS? (Music from the HBO Series) – YouTube:

A divine instrumental cover…

Passing Time at Père Lachaise Cemetery – Zoetica Ebb // Biorequiem.com
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Stunning photography…

Elizabeth Warren calls Zuck and Thiel’s secret Trump White House dinner “corrupt” / Boing Boing:

Others have pointed out that CEOs have often met in private with presidents, but these meetings are not typically secret, and it’s hard to understand what non-corrupt purpose Trump, Zuck and Thiel could have had for failing to disclose the dinner — perhaps they knew we’d been pleasantly surprised later on and didn’t want to spoil it?

For Zuck’s part, he likes to claim that he frequently dines with political activists from “across the spectrum” but when his actual dining agenda is analyzed even cursorily, it becomes obvious that for Zuck, the political spectrum runs all the way from “very right wing” to “raving lunatic Bircher neo-Nazi right wing” with stops for all the flavors of right wing in between.

Contract for the Web: Tim Berners-Lee calls on world governments (and us all) to make the web a force for good / Boing Boing:

Governments that sign on are asked to promise to “ensure everyone can connect to the internet,” to “keep all the internet available all the time,” and to “respect and protect people’s fundamental online privacy and data rights.”

Corporate signatories promise that they will “make the internet affordable and accessible to everyone,” “respect and protect people’s privacy and personal data to build online trust,” and “develop technologies that support the best in humanity and challenge the worst.”

Individuals are asked to “be creators and collaborators on the Web,” “build strong communities that respect civil discourse and human dignity,” and “fight for the Web.”

My changing gears from Facebook to WordPress and other outlets started before this contract was posted, but absolutely in that spirit.

I don’t know that anyone is noticing, but I know…

Bloomberg’s $34m presidential campaign ad-buy is 1.1% of the taxes Bernie, Warren and Steyer want him to pay / Boing Boing:

Bloomberg is running in part because he opposes the progressive candidates’ “extreme wealth taxes” which would see him paying $3.7b under a Sanders presidency, $3b under a Warren presidency or $512m under a Steyer presidency — per year.

That $32m that Bloomberg has dumped into his ad-buy? It’s 1.1% of the tax bill he’d owe under Warren in the first year.

Bloomberg’s attempt to stop left wing candidates is a business expense.

Macro photos on your phone: You don’t need a DSLR to take stunning close-up nature shots – CNET:

Stunning photos – I need to revisit this topic.

Amazon.com: Wireless Controller for Switch, BestOff Neon Red Neon Blue Controllers Compatible for Nintendo Switch Console as a Substitution for Joy Con Controller: Video Games:

I totally want a set of these…