Ending Suspension of Trump’s Accounts With New Guardrails to Deter Repeat Offenses | Meta:

The suspension was an extraordinary decision taken in extraordinary circumstances. The normal state of affairs is that the public should be able to hear from a former President of the United States, and a declared candidate for that office again, on our platforms. Now that the time period of the suspension has elapsed, the question is not whether we choose to reinstate Mr. Trump’s accounts, but whether there remain such extraordinary circumstances that extending the suspension beyond the original two-year period is justified.

The normal state of affairs is that presidents don’t attempt coups, traitors who violate their oath of office get arrested and are barred from being re-elected. There’s nothing normal about lord dampnut, and giving him a voice or any kind of attention other than illuminating his crimes is a problem.

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So no matter what Trump does, the longest they’ll suspend him is another two years? This is whistling past the graveyard. Trump wasn’t suspended because he posted something, say, racist or untruthful or hateful. It’s not about Trump and his supporters being on the political right. The man tried to overthrow the democratically elected government of the United States while serving as President of the United States. He still insists he was correct to do so, and quite obviously intends to try again. If there were only one person in the world suspended from Facebook’s platforms, it should be Donald Trump. No one is more dangerous. No one is more deserving of being outcast as a pariah.

Inside Elon Musk’s “extremely hardcore” Twitter – The Verge:

In three months, Musk has also largely destroyed the equity value of Twitter and much of his personal wealth. He has indicated that the company could declare bankruptcy, and the distraction of running it has caused Tesla stock to crater, costing him $200 billion.

I read this as “…of ruining it…” and it made far more sense.

Daring Fireball: The End May Be Nigh for Third-Party Twitter Clients:

(Twitterrific for Mac is still functioning, though — at least as I write this. Unlike Tweetbot, Twitterrific uses different app IDs for iOS and Mac, and whatever is going on, it seems to have affected only the most popular third-party apps.)

The fact that certain apps/API IDs haven’t been swept up in this reads to me that it’s an intentional shut-out, and that Twitter has shot itself in the foot deliberately. Even before taking hiatus over the antics of their Austin Powers Villian leadership, I never willingly interacted with the service via their website, only through third-party clients… And I’m absolutely not alone in that.

Mastodon Brought a Protocol to a Product Fight | by M.G. Siegler | Dec, 2022 | 500ish:

But, but, it’s not a product, it’s a protocol. Yeah, that’s a nice thing to say. And to believe in. But I truly believe the ship has sadly sailed for such idealism in this space. Jack Dorsey can talk about how this should have been what Twitter was from the get go until he’s bluesky in the face. It’s just not going to happen. And he’s more to blame for that than most everyone else. As is he for the Elon element of this current equation. But that’s a different story.

I mean, who thinks this “Web” thing is ever going to unseat Prodigy or CompuServe – I’m don’t trust these link things, and it’s ludicrous to think people are going to host their OWN servers.

Snark aside – It’s probably dubious to expect everyone to host their own ActivityPub/Mastadon servers… But the idea should be sharding much more by identity/community rather than jumping onto the same service. That’s where the power begins, taking the control of identity and server control closer to people you trust, and spreading the social footprint far enough that no single pillar can take down the roof.

Daring Fireball: I Wish I Could Tell You This One Is Not All About Twitter:

I would love to regale you with fun links and clever commentary about subjects other than Twitter “2.0”. I really would. I’m as thirsty for such subject matter as you surely are. But, alas, the continuing saga is simply too entertaining, and moving too fast. If you’ve been successfully ignoring the drama, I salute you.

MarsEdit 5 – Powerful web publishing from your Mac.:

Browser-based interfaces are slow, clumsy, and require you to be online just to use them. Web browsers are wonderful for reading articles, but not for creating them. If you’re writing for the web, you need a desktop blog editor. And if you’re lucky enough to have a Mac, nothing is more powerful, or more elegant than MarsEdit.

Marsedit is such a great app for interacting with weblogs. On every other platform I’ve touched – Windows, Linux, even iOS and iPadOS – I have searched for something similar, or even close, and fallen short.

My only wish in relation to this is that there was an iOS/iPadOS version so I can keep up my workflow across my more personal devices. It would be an insta-buy for me, and I’m sure many others.

Left-Wing Activists Banned From Twitter After False-Report Campaign:

Several left-wing activists on Twitter have been suspended from the platform after far-right users launched a false-report campaign. 

Prominent left-wing accounts have been banned from Twitter since Musk’s takeover, the Intercept reported first. This includes Chad Loder, an anti-fascist researcher who identified a Proud Boy member involved in the US Capitol Riots on January 6 2021; Vishal Pratap Singh, a journalist who has reported on far-right protests in Southern California; Elm Fork John Brown Gun Club, a group that provides armed security for LGBTQ+ events in Texas; and CrimethInc, an anarchist organization that publishes books and podcasts.

Twitter is now Musk’s toy, and he can use it however he wants, but he isn’t defending free speech, and nobody should feel like it’s the “World’s Town Hall” to be defended from regulation anymore. He can’t have it both ways.

jwz: PSA: Do Not Use Services That Hate The Internet:

As you look around for a new social media platform, I implore you, only use one that is a part of the World Wide Web.
tl;dr avoid Hive and Post.

If posts in a social media app do not have URLs that can be linked to and viewed in an unauthenticated browser, or if there is no way to make a new post from a browser, then that program is not a part of the World Wide Web in any meaningful way.

Consign that app to oblivion.

Elon Musk uses Twitter to tell Independents: “Vote for a Republican” | Boing Boing:

There’s no way to spin this except that Twitter is now in its darkest timeline. Apologists about the purchase can have their own circle in hell.

Contra Chrome

October 4, 2022

In Contra Chrome, Leah carefully charts this road and its terrain in a funny and easily accessible way. In webcomic form, she documents how over the last decade, Google’s browser has become a threat to user privacy and the democratic process itself.

With her meticulous rearrangement of Scott McCloud‘s Google-commissioned Chrome comic from 2008, she delivers what she calls „a much-needed update“. Laying bare the inner workings of the controversial browser, she creates the ultimate guide to one of the world‘s most widely used surveillance tools:

Contra Chrome – a webcomic – How Google’s browser became a threat to privacy and democracy