Loom EGA/VGA comparison – superrune:

The original EGA background art for Loom was made by Mark Ferrari. The character art was done by Gary Winnick and Steve Purcell. Gary Winnick designed the sprites and did most of the sprite animation, while Steve Purcell did the larger character portraits and some additional animation. Ken Macklin did the effects animation, such as moving water and twinkles.

I love Mark Ferrari artwork across many games and formats…

How Loki built a different reality with retro hardware – The Verge:

A somewhat bittersweet effect of watching Loki has been thinking about the technologies — particularly gaming hardware — that we’ve lost to time.

Loki’s retro-tech world is the best 19A0 | Boing Boing:

This haunted place I love, that weird missing decade between the 1970s and 1980s with amber monochrome displays and pyramid-shaped computers and the mangled memories

Modern Trailers for Classic Films:

In order to promote the classic films available on the streaming service, HBO Max has created a selection of modern-style movie trailers for them. The re-trailered flicks include Dog Day Afternoon, Boogie Nights, Alien, Casablanca, and The Exorcist.

Retro Modern Movie Posters:

Check out these retro modern movie posters from Patrick Concepcion; the Groundhog Day one is simple perfection. You can check out Concepcion’s work on his website and Instagram or buy prints on Etsy.

The worst keyboard ever made | Revue:

At this point it’s probably clear that every time I say “the worst keyboard ever made,” I am being cheeky. These are not the worst keyboards ever made. There is no worst keyboard; the world of keyboards is just too complex for this to be possible.
Even more importantly, though, I believe there is always something you can learn from a keyboard you don’t like. Sure, the Ukrainian keyboard has an atrocious build quality, the TI calculator keypad is weird to press, and the abKey is far from a Revolution.

I’ve come across the Shift Happens lists before, but the ones here were … Inspiring. So many of us live with our keyboards as tools for significant portions of our lives, but give no thought to what makes them good or bad, or at least interesting.

The Last Woolworth Luncheonette in America Hides in Bakersfield – Eater LA:

The menu is simple at Woolworth Diner, mostly just burgers and a chili dog with sides like fries, baked beans, or macaroni and potato salad. There are milkshakes available, root beer floats too, but nothing even comes close to crossing the $10 mark. Signs hang both inside the dining area and beyond showcasing five-cent Coca-Colas or ten-cent sandwiches, an overt homage to the five-and-dime history of the place. The workers still don black and white outfits when flitting around behind the counter, and many in the dining crowd are old enough to remember Woolworth in all its glory. For everyone else, there is this place; one unassuming four-story antique mall in the heart of Bakersfield, where Frank Woolworth and his important luncheonette still live on.

There’s a place very much like this just near my house, and it’s one of my favorite places to get breakfast, if you can get a seat…