WSJ: Apple dominates smartphone market because it supports old phones and no-one wants low-end Android models | Boing Boing:

Whereas many of us once upgraded our phones every two or three years, and treated old ones almost as if they were disposable, more than ever these phones are sticking around, and having a long afterlife. That could affect everything from who wins the smartphone wars (hint: Apple) to how the dominant players in this industry make most of their profits (spoiler: not from selling hardware).

Can’t link to the original story so here’s the pull quote.

How Drake Rescued the Long-Lost Art Carnival Luna Luna – The New York Times:

Earlier this year, in a 50,000-square-foot warehouse lined with weathered shipping containers and crates, the Viennese artist André Heller was reunited with one of the great loves of his life and career.

The psychedelic works inside, unseen by Heller or the world for 35 years, had long been lost to history, despite their flashy provenance. Together, they made up Luna Luna — a functional amusement park where the rides and attractions also happened to be contemporary art from the likes of Jean-Michel Basquiat and Salvador Dalí, which Heller had conceptualized and opened, briefly, in Hamburg, Germany, in 1987.

Standard disclaimer that it’s NYT so could be sh*twalled… But the pics are worth the trip.

If Alejandro Jodorowsky filmed a Tron sequel:

Easily my favorite use of AI image generators yet: Jodo Tron. Outstanding work by Johnny Darrell, which should wake up anyone, like me, that tends to downplay the impact of the technology. (Though note that to animate and film this credibly, you would have to have humans painstakingly recreate every detail as costumes, sets and 3D models)

It’s too bad this is on Facebook, I’d be intritgued to see the rest of the set.