(351) Disney Classic Voice Actors | Behind the Scenes | Side By Side Comparison | Compilation (1928-1977) – YouTube:

In Honor of the 99th anniversary of the Walt Disney Studios, I have made a mega compilation of all the voice actors behind the characters up until their 54th anniversary. Or at least the ones I could find footage of.

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Loom EGA/VGA comparison – superrune:

The original EGA background art for Loom was made by Mark Ferrari. The character art was done by Gary Winnick and Steve Purcell. Gary Winnick designed the sprites and did most of the sprite animation, while Steve Purcell did the larger character portraits and some additional animation. Ken Macklin did the effects animation, such as moving water and twinkles.

I love Mark Ferrari artwork across many games and formats…

The Oblongs: a hidden gem in adult animation | Boing Boing:

The race to capitalize on the popularity of The Simpsons became a gold rush in the early 90s. In many ways, that gold rush still exists today. Rick and Morty might be a different show from a structural standpoint, but the greasy fingerprints of Homer Simpson can be found on almost every scene of Adult Swim’s monster hit. The only difference in contemporary adult animation is that today’s creators benefit from hindsight and can gracefully avoid the pitfalls of other Simpsons clones. In addition, audiences don’t view adult animation as a fad anymore. Modern adult animation is a bonafide genre that can tackle any concept beyond the traditional dysfunctional/wacky family.

Ethereal Ice Stars Gracefully Crystallize on Film to a Mesmerizing Instrumental Soundtrack:

Ghibli Park, a new anime theme park in Japan, to open in November | CNN Travel:

Until last week, news of the mythical Ghibli Park trickled instead of flowed, teased out in small, speculative doses in Japanese publications. It was unclear what impact the pandemic was having on the start date and what visitors would find when it opens.

Reminder of things to think about in the After Times….

The Cameraman’s Revenge is a stop motion animation featuring real (dead) insects from (1912):

The Cameraman’s Revenge (1912) is a 13-minute experimental Russian stop-motion animated short directed and written by Wladyslaw Starewicz. This animation was one-of-a-kind when it was created for its use of real dried-out insects as characters. The film includes beetles, grasshoppers, dragonflies, and other fine specimens. — Read the rest

Period-Specific Cartoon Homages to Wandavision:

Art director Riana McKeith is watching Wandavision, each episode of which takes place in a different time period from the 50s to the present day. As a loving homage, she’s illustrating scenes from the show in the style of cartoons from each time period. Here’s the first episode, which takes place in the 50s a la I Love Lucy or Leave It to Beaver:

Disney’s Recycled Footage & Animated Doppelgangers:

For animators under time constraints and on a budget, recycling footage was a sensible thing to do and probably wasn’t widely known among the viewing public until extensive at-home viewing, digital editing, and collecting sleuthing via the internet became available.

The Animation That Changed Cinema – YouTube:

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