Private Security Raids YouTuber’s Home Because of Unboxing

April 25, 2023

Private Security Raids YouTuber’s Home Because of Unboxing:

Wizards asked to have him take the videos down (which he did), but it was far more than that. According to the video, the private security firm known worldwide as “the Pinkertons” showed up at his house early in the morning, talking about jail time and other consequences if he didn’t hand over the products.

Once they left, they gave him the number of someone to call at Wizards to talk about the situation. He said they were friendly and offered some free products (possibly) or ways to compensate for the money he lost. They said they needed the products to find out how they got sent out and to “fill the gaps.” Because of this, he’s asking everyone using his footage also to take down their videos.

here’s a chance they knew that if he bought them legally, there was actually nothing they could do about it. So it appears instead of going the legal route (which could also take some serious time), Wizards of the Coast hired a private security firm to go and get the products back ASAP. This is also scary because they found his address in a couple of days and knocked on his front door.

It’s not legal to go and take something from anyone (aKA stealing), and sending out one of the most infamous groups to do it seems almost unfathomable. Even if someone stole your property, you can’t just go into their home and take it back. From the outside looking in, Oldschoolmtg basically got his home invaded without a warrant to take something he paid for…

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