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Kakistocracy: government by the worst people.


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This one moment has shaped much of world events over my entire life.

The Last Woolworth Luncheonette in America Hides in Bakersfield – Eater LA:

The menu is simple at Woolworth Diner, mostly just burgers and a chili dog with sides like fries, baked beans, or macaroni and potato salad. There are milkshakes available, root beer floats too, but nothing even comes close to crossing the $10 mark. Signs hang both inside the dining area and beyond showcasing five-cent Coca-Colas or ten-cent sandwiches, an overt homage to the five-and-dime history of the place. The workers still don black and white outfits when flitting around behind the counter, and many in the dining crowd are old enough to remember Woolworth in all its glory. For everyone else, there is this place; one unassuming four-story antique mall in the heart of Bakersfield, where Frank Woolworth and his important luncheonette still live on.

There’s a place very much like this just near my house, and it’s one of my favorite places to get breakfast, if you can get a seat…