Man who lost eye to Mpls. police projectile wins $2.4M from city, describes ordeal | MPR News

March 16, 2022

Man who lost eye to Mpls. police projectile wins $2.4M from city, describes ordeal | MPR News:

A Minneapolis police spokesperson has not yet provided comment for this story. A city spokesperson acknowledged the settlement, but did not answer questions about whether the officers faced any sort of discipline, or if they’re still on the force.

Bennett said it was difficult to determine who shot her client. She initially named John Doe officers in the lawsuit. Through the discovery process, she obtained body camera video that eventually yielded answers.

“Really it came down to way too much time spent watching the bodycam, trying to figure out first who was even really in that vicinity, who had their body cameras on,” Bennett said.

A judge has barred the attorney from releasing the body camera footage.

A culture of protecting bad apples is pervasive in Minneapolis city hall and MPD. The video(s) showing officers actively hunting people to play cowboy, the award coins the union was giving for injured protestors, the fact that the department won’t release names… It’s all bad.

The officers involved in this should be fired and named, loudly, and other cities can know who they are before hiring them. Behavior like this should make someone a pariah.

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