Bloomberg’s $34m presidential campaign ad-buy is 1.1% of the taxes Bernie, Warren and Steyer want him to pay / Boing Boing:

Bloomberg is running in part because he opposes the progressive candidates’ “extreme wealth taxes” which would see him paying $3.7b under a Sanders presidency, $3b under a Warren presidency or $512m under a Steyer presidency — per year.

That $32m that Bloomberg has dumped into his ad-buy? It’s 1.1% of the tax bill he’d owe under Warren in the first year.

Bloomberg’s attempt to stop left wing candidates is a business expense.

Macro photos on your phone: You don’t need a DSLR to take stunning close-up nature shots – CNET:

Stunning photos – I need to revisit this topic. Wireless Controller for Switch, BestOff Neon Red Neon Blue Controllers Compatible for Nintendo Switch Console as a Substitution for Joy Con Controller: Video Games:

I totally want a set of these…

Minnesota school threw out hot meals of students with over $15 lunch debt, then apologized:

Richfield High School came under fire Monday after around 40 students had their hot lunches taken off their trays, thrown out, and replaced with a cold lunch when cafeteria staff saw they had lunch debt of more than $15, NBC Minneapolis affiliate KARE 11 reports.

Not the greatest way to make the national stage…

I am railing: Sir Rod Stewart reveals his epic model railway city – BBC News:

Beautiful work…

Minnesota Public Radio sent us one of the weirdest legal threats we’ve ever received (and they won’t explain it) / Boing Boing:

Huge selection of roleplaying miniatures available for free download, including Falkor and a bear with sharks for hands / Boing Boing: