LeVar Burton guest hosts ‘Jeopardy!’ while history is made | Boing Boing:

He was a delight to watch hosting, and I hope he gets the gig longer term.

He-Man fans hate the new series because it has too much Teela in it | Boing Boing:

But the fans hate it anyway, because the opening “Search for He-Man” plot arc features too much Teela and is too “woke”. The show’s been review-bombed online. Smith is reduced to denouncing He Man’s angry fans in Variety magazine.

The best way to fight back against crap like this is to watch it, praise it, and make sure the loudest voices in the room aren’t the childish conservative snowflakes.

Here are the 2021 Emmy Award nominations | MPR News:

Outstanding drama series
The Boys
The Crown
The Handmaid’s Tale
Lovecraft Country
The Mandalorian
This Is Us

I’m amused by the fact that this year’s Emmy nominees are dominated by genre stuff… Horror, SciFi, Capes…