Getting Tough on the Corporate Snoopers | Irreal
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Imagine if Facebook were prohibited from collecting its users’ information without their permission and that Zuckerberg could go to jail for ignoring the ban.


Metropolis Meets Afrofuturism: The Genius of Janelle Monáe |
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“I thought science fiction was a great way of talking about the future,” Janelle Monáe told Bust Magazine in a 2013 interview. “It doesn’t make people feel like you’re talking about things that are happening right now, so they don’t feel like you’re talking down to them. It gives the listener a different perspective.”

Facebook is making the choice to facilitate fake news for campaign ads, even when claims are demonstrably fake… Making them complicit with conservatives.

This is leading me to try to make a return to blogging on my own to regain control of my messaging and how it’s shared.

Consider this a beginning.