Texas’ Attorney General has decided that Pride Week is ‘illegal’ and threatened a school | Boing Boing:

Our Fundamental Right To Shame And Shun The New York Times:

I’m going to offer a working definition for the purposes of this essay: “cancel culture” is when speech is met with a response that, in my opinion, is very disproportionate. Perhaps that sounds cynical, and I could certainly give you a Justice-Breyer-seven-factor balancing test, but that’s what this discussion boils down to: just as we constantly debate norms of what speech is socially acceptable, we debate norms about what responses to speech are socially acceptable.

Missing from most definitions of “cancel culture” is the relationship to the target… A traditionally minority or under-served group using social-media amplification to “Punch Up” against someone who’s “Punching Down” from a position of authority based on celebrity, status, wealth or other source of power, to try for some degree of accountability, should be encouraged. Privileged people using their legions of followers to beat down those with less power, often already disenfranchised, not so much.

Let’s discuss some examples, because when I criticize sloppy use of “cancel culture” I’m accused of denying that there are ever any unfair, disproportionate, or evil responses to speech. I don’t deny that. What happened to Justine Sacco was, in my opinion, very disproportionate. What happened to David Shor was disproportionate and maddeningly stupid. What’s happening in the community of Young Adult Fiction seems like a complete shitshow that makes me want to avoid everyone there. What happened to Professor Greg Patton was disproportionate and anti-Asian bigotry to boot. Shouting invited speakers down so they can’t speak and attendees can’t listen is fascist and contemptible. I could go on, but you get the point.

The “YA Twitter” thing is harder, because YA lit very often is written for people of some vulnerable group, at an age where they really don’t have the emotional training to deal with intersectionality… But is also a part of the larger publishing social media wasteland where plenty of people are more interested in getting the “hot take” viewer numbers than any real conversation about the works themselves.

Man who lost eye to Mpls. police projectile wins $2.4M from city, describes ordeal | MPR News:

A Minneapolis police spokesperson has not yet provided comment for this story. A city spokesperson acknowledged the settlement, but did not answer questions about whether the officers faced any sort of discipline, or if they’re still on the force.

Bennett said it was difficult to determine who shot her client. She initially named John Doe officers in the lawsuit. Through the discovery process, she obtained body camera video that eventually yielded answers.

“Really it came down to way too much time spent watching the bodycam, trying to figure out first who was even really in that vicinity, who had their body cameras on,” Bennett said.

A judge has barred the attorney from releasing the body camera footage.

A culture of protecting bad apples is pervasive in Minneapolis city hall and MPD. The video(s) showing officers actively hunting people to play cowboy, the award coins the union was giving for injured protestors, the fact that the department won’t release names… It’s all bad.

The officers involved in this should be fired and named, loudly, and other cities can know who they are before hiring them. Behavior like this should make someone a pariah.

That broken tech/content culture cycle:

Double down on funding the worst voices on your platform. Call it “free speech”, and make sure that nobody internally points out that truly defending free speech would have entailed protecting those early marginalized creators who made your platform credible in the first place.
Definitely misuse “free speech” as a rhetorical bludgeon against people who are pointing out that you are both amplifying and sponsoring content, not merely making it available. Resolutely refuse to be intellectually honest about the difference between merely providing a platform to all, vs. making editorial decisions to promote and subsidize content that you have control over.

It’s the RePutincan Party | Boing Boing:

The 10 tactics of fascism | Boing Boing:

Hey Kids, do you know how to spot fascism? Here’s a handy reference. Be alert and look for these 10 signs that your beloved country may be on the brink of right-wing authoritarianism.

10 Tactics of Facism

When asked about war in Ukraine, Trump launches into a bizarre anti-windmill rant | Boing Boing:

Even when he appears on an ass-kissing podcast and gets asked about the war in Ukraine, he launches into another anti-windmill rant instead of answering the question.

Lord Dampnut is stuck on this – His boss in Moscow doesn’t want people calling his invasion a war, but he can’t call it a special operation with Putin’s reasoning of defeating “nazis” in Ukraine without alienating his most stable base of US nazis.

jwz: CDC recolors maps to declare victory:

So if you had been thinking, “I’m going to avoid crowds until my county isn’t SCORCHING RED”, congratulations! CDC has solved that problem for you, without any of the underlying numbers having substantially changed!

And of course CDC is uninterested in talking about Long COVID at all.

As far as I can tell, the motivation here is:

“Federal, State and Local government functionaries, along with people in rural diners and lunatic Qanons, have decided that masking is over, and so we must make our guidance reflect the ‘Personal Freedoms’ that these idiots are going to do anyway.”

Putin is a killer and that’s okay with Trump, as seen in this roundup video | Boing Boing:

Star of the GOP, Марионетка

All Vladimir Putin has to do is butter Trump up with false praise — like calling him “brilliant” or a “genius” — and Trump is putty in the murderous dictator’s hands.

When reminded by MSNBC hosts that Putin kills journalists and political opponents, Trump says, “At least he’s a leader.”

When told by Bill O’Reilly that “Putin’s a killer,” Trump says, “There’s a lot of killers…”

When asked if he was offended that Putin said nice things about Trump, he said, “No!”

Of course it must be more than just warm fuzzies that keep Trump tucked into Vladimir’s bed, but what that might be is still locked behind closed doors. In the meantime, here is a truncated roundup of the many times Trump has licked Putin’s boot in public. Who knows what goes on in private.

‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill would limit discussion of sexuality and gender in Florida schools | MPR News:

GOP – LGBTQI+ kids, we will only admit you exist when we’re actively trying to ruin your lives.

President Biden:

“I want every member of the LGBTQI+ community — especially the kids who will be impacted by this hateful bill — to know that you are loved and accepted just as you are,” Biden tweeted on Tuesday. “I have your back, and my Administration will continue to fight for the protections and safety you deserve.”