Rep. Paul Gosar has a neo-Nazi on staff

May 15, 2023

Rep. Paul Gosar has a neo-Nazi on staff:

Talking Points Memo appears to have quite the scoop, reporting that they’ve identified a “relatively prominent” pseudonymous booster of the neo-Nazi “Groyper” movement as a staffer for scandal-plagued House Republican Rep. Paul Gosar.

An “extensive digital trail of interconnected Groyper social media pages” has been “linked to” Wade Searle, Gosar’s digital director. The news won’t come as a terrible surprise to anyone familiar with the House Republicans’ many, many past dalliances with white supremacy and neo-Nazi support, but the revelation that one of his top staffers has a double life as an enthusiastic supporter of the neo-Nazi movement does a lot to explain the constant nods to neo-Nazism in Gosar’s campaigns and public statements.

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