NYC mayor wants to cut childhood programs by more than $500 million

May 15, 2023

NYC mayor wants to cut childhood programs by more than $500 million:

Current Mayor Eric Adams has announced he wants to cut the budgets that fund the pre-K program, public education, and the public library, among others. His administration’s 2024 budget proposal would cut $567 million from the universal pre-K program’s expansion plans. This would, in effect, stop the program from being truly universal. And since July 2022, his administration has failed to pay many of the small providers and nonprofits doing the work of caring for New York City’s 3- and 4-year-olds.

The attack on the city’s families is multipronged. There is the overarching threat to the budget and a lack of administrative follow-through on accounting. Lastly, Adams has replaced most of the people with institutional knowledge of the program with the kinds of people that hang on and suck up to Eric Adams.

These cronies have been disastrous at handling the very large system and half-assed at the important task of reaching out to the communities that need pre-K the most. On top of this, they have been slow to sign kids up and 30,000 spots remain empty. Bloomberg reports that millions of dollars have yet to be paid out from last year, and some providers have had to go out of business while awaiting payment from the city.

Oh, yeah, and because Adams wants to make all generations feel his fiscal wrath, he is trying to slash millions of dollars in funding from the program that delivers meals to seniors at their homes.

How does the GOP keep finding and electing the worst people…

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