GA Republican says fake elector scheme came from Trump’s legal team

May 9, 2023

GA Republican says fake elector scheme came from Trump’s legal team:

CNN and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution report Shafer’s attorneys have said that Shafer was following the “repeated and detailed advice” of Trump’s legal team when he gathered up a team of so-called “contingent” Republican electors and appointed himself as one of them. So they said to Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, whose office is investigating the fake electors plot as they probe other attempts by Trump and the Republican Party to override Georgia’s official election results.

Shafer’s lawyers told Willis in a letter sent last week that Trump’s legal team had given him “very direct, detailed legal advice on the procedure he should follow, and he followed those instructions to the letter.” Shafer was following the instructions of “legal counsel,” says Shafer’s new legal counsel. This “eliminat[es] any possibility of criminal intent or liability” in forming a new slate of “electors” inside a Georgia state house committee room on Dec. 14, 2020 to vote for Donald Trump even as the officially designated Georgia electors cast their votes for Joe Biden elsewhere in the statehouse.

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