Microsoft Broke Google Chrome Feature to Promote Edge Browser

May 3, 2023

Microsoft Broke Google Chrome Feature to Promote Edge Browser:

An April Windows update borked a new button in Chrome—the most popular browser in the world—that let you change your default browser with a single click, but the worst was reserved for users on the enterprise version of Windows. For weeks, every time an enterprise user opened Chrome, the Windows default settings page would pop up. There was no way to make it stop unless you uninstalled the operating system update. It forced Google to disable the setting, which had made Chrome more convenient.

I have tried to give MS the benefit of the doubt about getting better… Their cloud gaming offering is an interesting value proposition that works entirely in-browser on non-Windows systems, their ownership of Bethesda seems to be mostly benevolent, and they’ve been an OK shepherd of GitHub from outside appearances despite some missteps… But every once in a while they show that streaks of their old selves live on in the company, and every time it happens I have to reassess how much I trust any part of them.

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