DeSantis wrote his own confession, to the delight of Disney lawyers

May 2, 2023

DeSantis wrote his own confession, to the delight of Disney lawyers:

Disney condemned the “Don’t Say Gay” law as being bad for business, upon which Dear Leader Ron had an absolute public fit over the audacity of a U.S. corporation announcing an opinion he didn’t like. Immediately after signing the bill into law, state lawmakers were already mulling a repeal of Disney’s 1967-granted special property rights in the area surrounding their Florida theme parks, explicitly citing Disney’s “woke ideology” as the reason why.

DeSantis and Florida Republicans would eventually follow through with that threat, though not before Disney’s allies could so badly outmaneuver them as to render the whole thing nearly a farce, and that leads us to the present. Disney is now suing DeSantis and other Florida state officials for a “targeted campaign of government retaliation—orchestrated at every step by Governor DeSantis as punishment for Disney’s protected speech.”

Special points:

DeSantis did all of this in an effort to become the next Republican president, of course. That is why DeSantis has done everything ever since he came into office, as he mimes and mimics his way into the Republican psyche by attaching himself to every scrap of “culture war” he can find. But DeSantis is never going to get the nomination, because he is very creepy, completely devoid of personality, and has no political moves other than grumpy, whining showboating.

Unless Donald Trump dies. If Donald Trump dies, DeSantis will dig him up, wear his skin, and cruise to the nomination claiming to be him. But that’s a tall order, and Ron no longer has a plausible Plan B.

If there’s no Plan B, it’s because he outlawed it out of spite…

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