In Ohio, a ‘normal’ couple secretly runs a homeschooling network to indoctrinate kids into Nazism

February 1, 2023

In Ohio, a ‘normal’ couple secretly runs a homeschooling network to indoctrinate kids into Nazism:

The central project for most neofascists is to restore the place of unapologetic white supremacism to its former dominance in American (and global) society, so many of their activities and strategies involve finding ways to insinuate themselves as a toxic presence within the functioning components of working democracy so they can hollow them out and displace them with their own. Whether it’s the local police, or local and state politics, or environmental activism, or Republican politics, or even athletic events, the growing ranks of Hitler-loving neo-Nazis keep finding new ways to worm their way into the mainstream mix.

And then there is education. Especially education. Hatred of what they call the “Jewish” or “Communist” public education system in America has long been a cornerstone of neofascist beliefs, and their advocacy for removing the children of movement followers from public schools and homeschooling them dates back to at least the 1980s. And as we can see from the recent exposure of a neo-Nazi Ohio couple’s “Dissident Homeschooling” operation, it’s alive and festering on social media today.

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