DSHR’s Blog: Elon Musk, Threat or Menace Part 2

March 14, 2022

DSHR’s Blog: Elon Musk, Threat or Menace Part 2:

Musk doesn’t care about the truth of his statements, or the impact of his companies’ policies, because his wealth insulates him from consequences. If regulators or victims come after him he can tie them up in courts until their resources are exhausted or his fan-bois can make them irrelevant. Since Autonowashing I’ve been collecting illustrations of this attitude, and the time has come to lay out a sample of them below the fold.
There are a lot of examples, so I’ve organized them as follows:
His irresponsible behavior affecting the Stock Market.
Tesla’s irresponsible behavior around its autonomy technology
SpaceX’s irresposible behavior around its Starlink satellites, development of its Boca Chica base, and the idea of a Mars colony.
The Boring Company’s irresponsible marketing of tunnels that simple math shows cannot deliver their claimed benefits.

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