The Pandemic Isn’t Over for Immunocompromised People – The Atlantic

February 16, 2022

The Pandemic Isn’t Over for Immunocompromised People – The Atlantic:

Two years later, COVID-19 is still all around us, everywhere, and millions of people like Landon are walking around with a compromised immune system. A significant proportion of them don’t respond to COVID vaccines, so despite being vaccinated, many are still unsure whether they’re actually protected—and some know that they aren’t. Much of the United States dropped COVID restrictions long ago; many more cities and states are now following. That means policies that protected Landon and other immunocompromised people, including mask mandates and vaccination requirements, are disappearing, while accommodations that benefited them, such as flexible working options, are being rolled back.

Friendly reminder that becuase so many people have chosen to jumpstart “returning to normal” instead of being responsible, swaths of people may never be able to return to normalcy the same way.

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