Restaurant owners sue Minneapolis over vaccine mandate

January 21, 2022

Remind me to never trust any restaurant by these owners, who are clearly willing to put their business over our health…

Restaurant owners sue Minneapolis over vaccine mandate:

A%20man%20at%20a%20podium%20gestures.Several restaurants and bars are suing the city of Minneapolis – and Mayor Jacob Frey – over the vaccine and test mandate that took effect earlier this week.

The lawsuit filed Thursday calls on a judge to toss Frey's order, which requires venues serving food or drink to require proof of vaccination or a negative professionally-administered COVID test. 

The seven plaintiffs include the bars Sneaky Pete's and the Gay 90s, as well as restaurants Smack Shack and Jimmy John's. In their lawsuit, they say the testing requirement window is too narrow and they point to the absence of a declared statewide COVID emergency. 

Frey and St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter announced the measures last week as state data showed COVID cases increasing dramatically.


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