Chagrin Falls, USA: A lesson in structural racism:

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The speed limit is America’s most broken law. Why can’t we fix it?:

Speeding is a national health problem and a big reason why this country is increasingly an outlier on traffic safety in the developed world. More than 1 in 4 fatal crashes in the United States involve at least one speeding driver, making speeding a factor in nearly 10,000 deaths each year, in addition to an unknowable number of injuries. Thousands of car crash victims are on foot, and speed is an even more crucial determinant of whether they live or die: The odds of a pedestrian being killed in a collision rise from 10 percent at 23 mph to 75 percent at 50 mph. And we’re now in a moment of particular urgency. Last year, when the pandemic shutdowns lowered total miles traveled by 13 percent, the per-mile death rate rose by 24 percent—the greatest increase in a century, thanks to drivers hitting high velocities on empty roads. “COVID,” Roberts said, “was midnight on the day shift.”

An Astronaut Steers an Elaborately Constructed Paper Spaceship in a Window Display by Zim & Zou | Colossal:

Equipped with joysticks and panels of gauges and knobs, an intricately constructed spaceship built by Zim & Zou (previously) navigates through a starry expanse of whimsical planets and alien creatures. The pink-and-blue craft, which was designed as a window display for Hermès, is the latest project from the French artists, whose elaborate scenes and characters are constructed from precisely cut paper sculptures. This fantastical work, titled “Journey of a Lifetime,” peers over the adventurous protagonist, who traverses an unknown world amidst a chaotic scene of levers, monitors, and tea that’s flung into the air of the weightless environment. You can see details from the installation and more of Zim & Zou’s work on Behance and Instagram.

20 Years On, What I Learned From ‘The Fellowship of the Ring’ Movie:

December 19th, 2021 marks the 20th anniversary of The Fellowship of the Ring—the film that introduced the majesty and mythos of Middle-earth to countless viewers worldwide, as well as to the fictional characters that now feel as familiar as old friends. Rewatching Jackson’s movie brings back fond memories of my teenage years and gives me a chance to re-evaluate the life lessons I learned from it.

Not Actually A Space Cowboy

December 20, 2021

Not Actually A Space Cowboy:

This is an excellent post to keep in mind when you see another recent post criticizing the current trend of dystopian sci-fi and going on about how sci-fi used to be about hope and wonder.

One Foot Tsunami: Logic Saves Lives:

Back in 2017, rapper Logic released a song called ”1-800-273-8255”. That’s the number for America’s National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, and the song was written to encourage those in need of help to call. With over a billion plays on Spotify, it’s no stretch to assume this song has saved lives, but a new study confirms it.

Our history is a battle against the microbes: we lost terribly before science, public health, and vaccines allowed us to protect ourselves – Our World in Data:

Humanity’s history is a continuous battle between us and the microbes.1 For most of our history we were on the losing side.

Time Travel Movies Ranked by How Much Sense the Time Travel Makes:

Ultimately we have no idea what time travel would actually look like, but we all have ideas of how to understand time travel because of movies like these. Here is a list of some of the best time travel movies, ranked in descending order of how much the time travel adheres to internal consistency and sense .

Everything Everywhere All At Once:

I don’t know anything about this movie and its directors (Daniels? Oh, Swiss Army Man!) but it has Michelle Yeoh kicking ass in it and I want to see it at the first possible opportunity. Getting some Jackie Chan meets Marvel multiverse meets Being John Malkovich vibes here.

I had never heard of this movie coming, but I think I’m totally here for it…

More on Roblox’s exploitation of children | Boing Boing:

Last year, People Make Games released a thorough expose of the company’s practices. Roblox “pressured us to delete it”, says presenter Quintin Smith. So they dug deeper, talking to employees and others, and today published a follow-up report.

I think the overall pitch – Roblox is currently a libertarian dream where there is 0 oversight or moderation, where the worst practices are amplified, and there can be no meaningful accountability.