Video shows Minneapolis police’s aggressive actions during unrest | MPR News:

The Hennepin County Attorney’s Office would eventually charge Stallings with attempted murder and assault. The 28-year-old African American Army veteran rejected a plea deal from prosecutors that included a 12-year sentence. 

Stallings — who has no criminal record and a permit to carry a handgun — took his case to trial. In their complaint, prosecutors said Stallings “did not comply and resisted” police. But body camera and surveillance video played in court contradicted those claims.

MPD is sick, as in there’s a cancer in it’s bones… It’s resisted every kind of reform, and doubled-down on bad behavior when pushed for accountability. The Mayor’s office has proven unable to affect change while they answer only to it.

Doing nothing is not an option – it hasn’t worked so far. I support the charter ammendment to reform the department, and to share authority of the new department between the city council and mayor’s office, because it’s constructive and it’s different, and the status quo isn’t working.

Evangelical White Fragility in action – WIL WHEATON dot NET:

And yet, as happens so frequently when I write something that right wing authoritarians get angry about, I’ve been locked out of my Facebook account, again, for what they claim is hate speech and bigotry. Clearly, someone or group of someones brigaded my post, and Facebook responded as it always does.

They should at least be honest, and call it what it is: White Evangelical Fragility can’t handle someone like me expressing these feelings and beliefs. It threatens everything they hold dear, and we just can’t have that, not in White Jesus America.

I realize it’s not an option for everyone, but everything from the past few days makes me more glad I stepped off from Facebook.

(7) John Kraus on Twitter: “I took the ProRAW file into Lightroom CC on the iPhone. Amazed at the detail I was able to extract. Wow! #ShotOniPhone” / Twitter:

The Habit of Adequacy – Accidentally in Code:

I was practicing the habit, whilst thinking about habits, and it was an aha moment for me. I was thinking about what it means to honor the word habit, and I realized: I honor the word habit not on the days when it’s easy, when I feel energetic, or inspired, or whatever. I honor the word habit on the days that it is hard, but I show up anyway. The habit serves me on the days when I doubt that I can, but I show up and give myself the opportunity to surprise myself. To have it be great even though my expectations are low.

FAQ — Alan Wake

October 4, 2021

FAQ — Alan Wake:

Who is publishing Alan Wake Remastered? 

Epic Games Publishing is publishing the game.

Well thats a shame. After loving Control I would’ve taken a look at this if it were on Steam.

Leaked records open a ‘Pandora’ box of financial secrets | MPR News:

“I’ve never done anything illegal or wrong,” Babis added.

It’s funny how, when corrupt people makes the laws, they can make whatever they do legal…

Oath Keepers hack exposes law enforcement officers across US:

The statements are part of a massive trove of data hacked from the Oath Keepers website. The data, some of which the whistleblower group Distributed Denial of Secrets made available to journalists, includes a file that appears to provide names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of almost 40,000 members.

A search of that list revealed more than 200 people who identified themselves as active or retired law enforcement officers when signing up. USA TODAY confirmed 20 of them are still serving, from Alabama to California. Another 20 have retired since joining the Oath Keepers.

One man who filled out the form claimed he was a federal police officer and once worked for the Defense Intelligence Agency. 

These men are almost certainly just a small fraction of the law enforcement officers who joined the militia over the years, since the vast majority of people listed did not volunteer information about their employment. The leaked data does not indicate whether the people on the list are now dues-paying members.

Every person who can be verified to be a member of this org should be fired from law enforcement if still employed there. The two are mutually exclusive.