Video shows Minneapolis police’s aggressive actions during unrest | MPR News

October 6, 2021

Video shows Minneapolis police’s aggressive actions during unrest | MPR News:

The Hennepin County Attorney’s Office would eventually charge Stallings with attempted murder and assault. The 28-year-old African American Army veteran rejected a plea deal from prosecutors that included a 12-year sentence. 

Stallings — who has no criminal record and a permit to carry a handgun — took his case to trial. In their complaint, prosecutors said Stallings “did not comply and resisted” police. But body camera and surveillance video played in court contradicted those claims.

MPD is sick, as in there’s a cancer in it’s bones… It’s resisted every kind of reform, and doubled-down on bad behavior when pushed for accountability. The Mayor’s office has proven unable to affect change while they answer only to it.

Doing nothing is not an option – it hasn’t worked so far. I support the charter ammendment to reform the department, and to share authority of the new department between the city council and mayor’s office, because it’s constructive and it’s different, and the status quo isn’t working.

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