Animated Folding Screen of Painted Sekigahara Landscapes:

Riffing on a byōbu folding screen of the Battle of Sekigahara painted in the 1700s, Yusuke Shigeta made a pixel animated version for a recent exhibition. The video above is a tantalizingly short preview of the work — I could have watched these tiny pixel vignettes all day.

The Rules of Dozens of Sports Explained in Short Videos:

On his YouTube channel, Ninh Ly has created almost 100 short videos that clearly and simply explain the rules of all kinds of different sports. Basketball? Explained. Cricket? Explained. (I feel like I finally understand cricket!) Snooker? Explained. Jai Alai? Explained. Curling? Explained. Quidditch?! Explained! The rules of some sports are more complex than others and the explanations move along at a pretty good clip, so decreasing the playback speed (click on the gear at the bottom of the video player) is advised.

Mads Mikkelsen, In Conversation:

Is there a life philosophy that you feel has carried you through your career?
My approach to what I do in my job — and it might even be the approach to my life — is that everything I do is the most important thing I do. Whether it’s a play or the next film. It is the most important thing. I know it’s not going to be the most important thing, and it might not be close to being the best, but I have to make it the most important thing. That means I will be ambitious with my job and not with my career. That’s a very big difference, because if I’m ambitious with my career, everything I do now is just stepping-stones leading to something — a goal I might never reach, and so everything will be disappointing. But if I make everything important, then eventually it will become a career. Big or small, we don’t know. But at least everything was important.

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A Reevaluation of Jimmy Carter’s Presidency:

“Here’s what people get wrong about Carter,” Will Pattiz, one of the film’s directors tells me. “He was not in over his head or ineffective, weak or indecisive — he was a visionary leader, decades ahead of his time trying to pull the country toward renewable energy, climate solutions, social justice for women and minorities, equitable treatment for all nations of the world. He faced nearly impossible economic problems — and at the end of the day came so very close to changing the trajectory of this nation.”

Minimalist Creative Funny Photography:

Dear HR: What Skin Color Emoji Am I Supposed to Use? – McSweeney’s Internet Tendency:

Originally “Simpsons yellow” was clearly the safest choice. It signified the “everyman” of the emoji. But is this a cop-out? Does the yellow represent the cowardice of Homer (the cartoon, not the poet) and his people? Am I making a statement by trying not to make a statement? And what about Apu and Carl, why were they not yellow?! Where’s their statement?

This is just for white people, right? Like, if your name is Brock and you don’t want to get into trouble with other white people, you pick this? Like, you know what you did and you’re ashamed. But how white is this one? Dying-by-gently-coughing-blood-into-a-handkerchief white or detonating-thirty-gallons-of-gasoline-at-a-baby-gender-reveal-party white? Because those are two different kinds and that doesn’t seem fair.

jwz: The Light Herder

July 28, 2021

jwz: The Light Herder:

All the images in this video are created by video feedback only – no computers are involved. The upper and lower monitors both display the same thing – the image from the camera, which is looking at the upper monitor. This creates a video feedback loop (much like a microphone next to a speaker creates an audio feedback loop).

Open offices have driven Panasonic to make horse blinders for humans | TechCrunch:

At what point do we just give up and admit we’re living in exactly the dystopian nightmare speculative fiction warned us about? It probably ought to be these horse blinders for people, which look like something straight out of a Terry Gilliam movie.

Couple wants charges upgraded after SUV hits home:

A 32-year-old central Minnesota man faces felony charges for allegedly intentionally crashing a vehicle into the house of a Cold Spring family who has complained publicly about racial harassment they’ve endured.

According to court documents filed Monday in Stearns County District Court, the unoccupied stolen vehicle crashed into the home early Saturday morning, causing extensive damage. 

Homeowners Andrea and Phillipe Robinson and their children were home at the time. They were not injured, but say they were left feeling shocked and violated.

“I don't even know how to explain what I'm feeling,” Andrea Robinson said Tuesday. “I'm in disbelief that this happened. And I assumed it just would have been a drunk driver. I could never imagine someone would drive into the front of our house.”

Court documents say a large piece of granite was sitting on the vehicle’s accelerator. Footage from the Robinsons’ doorbell surveillance camera shows the vehicle stopping across the street and a person getting out and running off, before the vehicle crashes into the house.

Benton Beyer, of Richmond, Minn., is charged with felony theft, stalking and damage to property, plus a gross misdemeanor charge of violating a restraining order.

The Robinsons had sought and received a restraining order against Beyer and complained that he was stalking and harassing their family, including watching their home. On July 15, Beyer was arrested in Waite Park for allegedly violating the restraining order.

“We were really concerned for our safety, and kind of felt something [more] was going to happen,” Phillipe Robinson said. “But we didn't think it would be to this point.”

Andrea Robinson has spoken publicly about bullying her Black children have suffered from other students in the Rocori school district and on social media. Last spring, she posted a video on social media describing disturbing messages in a Snapchat group that she said was created about her daughter, which mentioned getting ropes and hanging Black men from trees.

She and other parents also addressed the Rocori school board, asking school officials to do more to tackle racism and unconscious bias in the district.

Robinson plans to attend the Cold Spring City Council meeting Tuesday night to speak out about the latest incident. The couple feels that law enforcement hasn’t done enough to protect their family.

They also believe Beyer should face more severe charges, such as assault or attempted murder motivated by hate.

The Cold Spring/Richmond Police Department said in a statement, "If evidence of a racially motivated crime is found to have occurred, our department will seek prosecution to the fullest extent under the law. We appreciate the community’s patience with the criminal investigation process."

A call to the Stearns County Attorney’s Office on Tuesday was not immediately returned.

“If there is no consequence, it will continue,” Andrea Robinson said. “There’s been no consequence with the education system. There's no consequence with the police and the justice system. In every aspect of our life we have been violated and let down. And we just want to be part of the community and live.”

Mayor Dave Heinen issued a statement saying the city of Cold Spring “vehemently rejects racist behavior in all its forms,” including harassment targeting a community member or family. 

“The damage to the sense of security and peace of mind in their own home is even more significant than the property damage resulting from this incident and will leave them with lasting scars,” Heinen stated. “Racist behavior is harmful to our whole community as well. It is not right, and is not welcome here.” 

LeVar Burton guest hosts ‘Jeopardy!’ while history is made | Boing Boing:

He was a delight to watch hosting, and I hope he gets the gig longer term.