The worst keyboard ever made | Revue

July 13, 2021

The worst keyboard ever made | Revue:

At this point it’s probably clear that every time I say “the worst keyboard ever made,” I am being cheeky. These are not the worst keyboards ever made. There is no worst keyboard; the world of keyboards is just too complex for this to be possible.
Even more importantly, though, I believe there is always something you can learn from a keyboard you don’t like. Sure, the Ukrainian keyboard has an atrocious build quality, the TI calculator keypad is weird to press, and the abKey is far from a Revolution.

I’ve come across the Shift Happens lists before, but the ones here were … Inspiring. So many of us live with our keyboards as tools for significant portions of our lives, but give no thought to what makes them good or bad, or at least interesting.

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