Developing 120-Year-Old Photos Found in a Time Capsule:

I am not surprised at the contents of the photos…

Our Favourite Uses of Typography in Watches – A COLLECTED MAN:

A stunning photo-essay on the junction of typography and time in watch design… One place I wish Apple Watch would expand more is allowing 3rd party faces, alongside my long-wished-for 24hr analog face.

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Presidential Commission on the Supreme Court of the United States
The Contemporary Debate over Supreme Court Reform: Origins and Perspectives
Written Statement of Nikolas Bowie Assistant Professor of Law, Harvard Law School

Yet if you look at the history of the judicial review of federal legislation, the principal “minority” most often protected by the Court is the wealthy.44 In contrast with electoral politics—where all citizens are formally equal in their possession of a single vote—wealthy litigants can muster the skills, time, money, influence, and capacity to challenge the same piece of legislation over and over again in court.

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Millions Choose Simple Privacy Protection with DuckDuckGo:

Will people take action to protect their online privacy? Duck yes.

Privacy skeptics have dominated the discussion about online privacy for too long. “Sure people care about privacy, but they’ll never do anything about it.” It’s time to lay this bad take to rest.

Not only will consumers act to protect their privacy – they already are. Since the launch of iOS 14.5 in April, 84% of people in the U.S. have actively opted-out of tracking after seeing the new prompt being shown on Apple devices.

When made simple and without sacrifice, most people will choose privacy.

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How I Saved Enough to Buy a House With My Parents’ Money – McSweeney’s Internet Tendency:

Don’t worry! These aren’t the only ways to buy a house. You could stop ordering takeout and cook at home to cut costs, and then buy a house with your rich aunt’s money. Or you could take on a second job to put away extra cash, and then buy a house with your inheritance. You could even do a GoFundMe and have your parents donate a house’s amount of money. There are a lot of options!

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Scientists Announce Successful Experiment To Bankrupt Mouse That Can’t Afford Cancer Drug:

“Scientific advances in treating some of the more common cancers can actually make it harder to put people in debt they never come back from, so this is a really significant breakthrough. To treat the mouse, we subjected it to chemotherapy, radiation, immunotherapy, and the most expensive combinations of all three. This mouse saw its debt skyrocket quickly, since we made sure to control for only treatment that was outside of its insurance network, and that was even before we sold the debt to a third-party collector. Most promisingly, we were able to replicate our findings on other mice as well, by completely and irreparably wrecking their credit scores in all cases.”

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