Guided by the Unseen – Fantasy Flight Games

June 28, 2021

Guided by the Unseen – Fantasy Flight Games:

Setting this aside for future reference and in case any other AH:LCG players are out there.

With The Innsmouth Conspiracy coming to a close and a new and exciting story on the horizon, it is time once again to revisit the official FAQ and Taboo Cards with some revisions and alterations. Today, we’d like to explain each of the changes and reveal some of the logic behind which cards we’ve chosen to alter and why.

We’d also like to explain the FAQ schedule so that players know what to expect. In general, starting now, we plan on updating the FAQ about twice a year, before and after each campaign release. This gives players a nice launching point for a new campaign as they build investigator decks, and gives cards their chance to shine for a short while before we even consider an errata or taboo. That said, we can still make emergency FAQ updates if something is particularly problematic. So, with this being the period between The Innsmouth Conspiracy and The Edge of the Earth, let’s take a look at the changes.

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