Facebook Departure

October 17, 2019

I think I have all the ifttt plumbing working to get cross-posting from here to Facebook, in hopes that the content I share will make it to friends and family who aren’t interested in doing RSS yet… I plan to continue using twitter for now, although their allowance of lord dampnut’s abuses make dropping that tempting too…

Update: It’s nearly unbelievable how hard Facebook makes it to push updates in… Which is, of course, evidence of why it needs to go. 

Social media in 2019

October 16, 2019

I’ve been working on building the tooling around a friendly, widely available WordPress/Tumblr workflow to get away from Facebook… And the thing I’ve found is that outside of macOS, blogging apparently sucks.

Windows doesn’t seem to have a single client on-par with the long-developed and truly amazing MarsEdit, paid or otherwise… And what seems to be the best, or at least most well regarded, native client hasn’t seen consistent development or updates in years. The Mac I use daily is a work computer, so I would like to make sure I have backup processes in place to keep shares flowing if I don’t have a macOS machine available.

Facebook is making the choice to facilitate fake news for campaign ads, even when claims are demonstrably fake… Making them complicit with conservatives.

This is leading me to try to make a return to blogging on my own to regain control of my messaging and how it’s shared.

Consider this a beginning.